It’s really hard to write About pages for personal websites, isn’t it? But what’s this website about? Well: Me.

So, naturally, let’s talk about some other interesting stuff first. As example, what’s going on with the Logo and the Name?

We’ll start with the Logo and break it down into its components:

A gray rectangle

A gray rectangle standing on its short side signifying space, an area or a room.

A light gray rectangle, top right corner is designated as a right corner with a dot and a square

A dot designating a right angle, placed top right. 1

The previous rectangle with a cyan circle centred on the top right corner, encircling the dot. A 0 and C is superimposed.

Circled by a cyan circle symbolizing the Degree Celsius, the color reminiscent of coldness and blue ice.

Moving on, we look for a synonym of right angle which leads us to corner. The circle says: Temperature, Winter! But cold will suffice. Bringing it all together we have cold corner - which is a literal translation of my last name.

The Name

We discussed how the Logo is a Quest of Lateral thinking, but why? That’s a good question with a simple answer.

All the domains with my last name were already taken.

The Person behind the Logo and Name

Stylized depiction of Jan Kaltenecker

What about the Person behind it all? Well, I’m a thirty something, German and English speaking, in central Europe working and living, software developer.

When not programming for work or fun, I like to play around with hardware, collect gin, listen to audio books or play some games. I’m also keenly interested in Pen and Paper Role-playing games (such as Dungeon & Dragons, as made famous by Gary Gygax of Wizards of the Coast fame).