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Hi there! I’m Jan Kaltenecker, software developer by heart and trade, working in Central Europe for more than 10 years. I’ve done pretty much everything that is or once was popular in the industry and like to share my musings, findings, hobbies and work with you.

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Jan Kaltenecker

Software Developer

I try my best to keep content on this page concise and entertaining. After all I’m a great fan of both Sir Terry Pratchett and Dennis E. Taylor, both great Authors, who managed to tackle hard and emotional problems while still cultivating a positive outlook on life.

Speaking of Sir Terry Pratchett, many of the pages have footnotes which are marked with a number set in superscript such as this one2

For your reading pleasure it is advised to slap a thick cockney accent3 on your internal monologue. If that’s a bit too intense, a nice Yorkshire dialect4 will do just fine.

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  1. Did you know that the “sharp” in C# comes from musical notation? A sharp (looks like this ♯) indicates that the note should be made a semitone higher in pitch, similar to how the double plus in C++ are meant to indicate a “one up” (increment by one) of C

  2. True to book footnotes, footnotes on this website are located at the bottom where you can be annoyed by them. Either because you have to remember where you were in the text, or because you can’t find where a mentioned footnote is meant to be.

  3. If it sounds like Gareth (Vinnie Jones) from Galavant, it’s just about right.

  4. Nothing like Sean Bean telling you about boring stuff on the Internet! Maybe Wallace is a better choice?

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