or the year I finally decided to do what everyone is already doing


It is now early 2020. My domain has switched between more hosting provides than what can be healthy and nothing is certain any more. Guess I knew just enough about DevOps to be dangerous.

Let’s set up an aggregated comparison between planned and current goals/requirements:

Domain Name

The domain name should be somewhat related to my last name

After much deliberation I choose a nice new domain (more on that later)

I’m not sure I ever delivered on that promise, but you can check out the About page to learn more about that.

Mail and Calendar

Mail and calendar to be managed via Microsoft Exchange

Mail and calendar completely managed via Google Apps G Suite

As much as I like Open Source, for some reason the Microsoft Office Package still manages to be my favorite Office Package. In the End, G Suite won because the Pricing for Office 365 for Business (that’s what they call: What we want you to pay for letting you use your own domain) isn’t really competitive if we talk about a single person using it.

G Suite is just that tad bit cheaper without having to compromise on much.

Web Site

All page content served via an ASP.NET stack 1

All page content served via managed WordPress installation

You can read about how that went in “cold90.com” from 2017-04-022.

Protected Pages

There is always a main page that will handle the actual unlocking (easier to route)

Access is granted via password only (Passphrase is probably a more suitable word for the context)

Child Pages are not visible without authentication

I have some good news for this one! I got rid of them. Translating Roleplaying Stuff isn’t really worth it if it’s nothing you can publish.

New Requirements

That brings us to the new requirements, which have become a bit more… Modest :

  1. All page content served by whatever runs on the cheapest available VMS
  2. Can be resolved through conventional DNS
  3. Is available 99% of the time
  4. Is a static web site

Sounds reasonably. Sounds doable! — I hope.

I switched to Jekyll to solve the last point.

But that’s a different story. 2